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"Springboard for economic growth, social progress and financial inclusion"

Towards a new management model

The Obra Social has traditionally been one of the defining features of the savings sector as well as one of the main springboards for economic growth, social progress and financial inclusion.

Over the years, the development of the Obra Social has been marked by a restructuring of the social sector and changes stemming from the crisis. In such a context, insitutions have shown a great capacity to adapt, and have realigned their activities in order to maintain an income and successfully manage their resources as independent companies.

After the approval of the Savings Banks and Foundations Act in 2013 not only has the Obra Social been continued but a stable legislative framework has been created to clarify the ways in which these charitable and social activities can be continued.

Better efficiency, greater specialisation of services offered, and the search for new sources of funding aside from contributions made by banking institutions, are all challenges that must be confronted, and which will continue to define the reality of managing the Obra Social.

Montes de Piedad

Secured loans permit the preservation of family assets and are tool in the fight against usury and financial exclusion.


Our companies have been pioneers, anticipating the needs of society and showing clear leadership.


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Financial education

“Financial education is as important a skill as learning to read and to write” Annamaria Lusardi.