To strengthen our associated companies' positions within the Spanish and international financial system, in terms of financial operations, Obras Sociales, and social responsibility


CECA is a banking association committed to promoting, defending, and representing its associated companies' interests, giving them advice, and cementing their social mission.

CECA is regulated specifically by the additional eleventh provision of Savings Banks and Foundations Act 26/2013, of 27 December. The provision reads:

  1. The Spanish Confederation of Savings Banks, set up in accordance with the framework existing prior to this Act coming into force, will be made up of savings banks, banking foundations, and credit institutions, to form a whole and maintain the functions and aims they hold in accordance with the aforementioned framework and any others outlined in their statutes.
  2. The Spanish Confederation of Savings Banks will lose its status as a credit institution when the statutes mentioned in the previous section are brought into force, without prejudice to its ability to offer services through any other participating bank, in the terms established by its statutes.

CECA adopts as a fundamental principle and standard of conduct the preservation of the character and independence of its members.

Mr Isidro Fainé Casas

CECA Chairman

In the field of regulations, in 2015 the regulatory framework for CECA member entities was completed (with the approval of the Banco de España Circular Regulations of the Savings Banks and Banking Foundations Act). Once the new legislation was completed, a new sector arose, which was more stable and backed by strict criteria with regard to corporate governance. Annual Report 2015. CECA Annual Report 2015

Letter from the Chairman