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The increasing interest in financial markets and the many specialities that contracting in this area features can be easily confirmed. That interest has also been generalised, since taking out financial products is not limited those done by a limited number of people, with broad knowledge and expertise, but rather anyone who may need – or offer – financing participate directly or indirectly in these markets. In other words, it is a generalised market.

All of this suggests that attention must be paid to studying and gaining knowledge on the regulation, as well as criteria on how to implement it in financial relationships and, in this respect, companies that want to collaborate in such endeavours while carrying out their daily activities can provide successful outcomes.

In order to attain that goal of studying and reflecting on Financial Market Law, and to spread the results that are achieved, a seminar will be held on Financial Market Law.

This seminar is intended for lawyers, judges and magistrates, teachers, professionals involved in financial activity and any individual interested in the technical analysis of problems in the areas of banking, markets and financing.

Pursuant to other experiences, and as a general criterion, this seminar will include different sessions, which will be held on a monthly basis.

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Exposición virtual. “Aprender a ahorrar: la enseñanza del ahorro, fuente de la educación financiera”


Today is the opening of our virtual exhibition "Learn to save: teaching how to save, a source of financial education". This is Spain's first virtual exhibition on saving, organised as part of CECA's 90th anniversary with the aim of showcasing CECA's historic archive.

The exhibition is being shown in a month dedicated to financial culture, starting with the celebration of Financial Education Day and ending with World Savings Day, an event celebrated all over the world today and planned by the World Savings and Retail Banking Institute (WSBI).

This is the perfect time for us to open our exhibition: it is a homage to saving - as a contributing factor to development, and as a positive practice in helping people develop and reach their goals and secure a decent future. The exhibition also represents a story, one exploring how teaching about savings has evolved to financial education.

The show is composed of four different rooms: Savings, teaching how to save, the promotion of savings, and financial education.

Documents from CECA's historic archive have come out of the confines of the depositary to a public virtual space - this exhibition - a space for education, history, culture, and even leisure. And most importantly, to make history available to the public.

The show features around one hundred documents, including among many others: brochures, posters, notebooks, cards, music, and press clippings, as well as money boxes, audio, adverts, and animated gifs created especially for the occasion. The documents and objects all have detailed explanatory descriptions.

The last room, dedicated to financial education, has information about international initiatives and current financial education in Spain thanks to Finances for All, and also looks at international collaborations and national initiatives the CECA sector contributes, including the Funcas Educates program.

There are no limits in the world of creativity, and it is with this in mind that the exhibition has managed to make the invisible visible. It is both one and many exhibitions, because at CECA we have so many ideas, projects, and stories to tell.

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